Kama Sutra Lovers (Siddhu and Diana Ayanna) Auto-Portrait in Aganovich and Rick Owens


Siddhu and Diana Ayanna are the Kama Sutra Lovers (KSL). Their love of music, textural rhythms, fashion, glamour, mysticism, and all things artistic, led them to merge forces and create KSL as an avatar for their creative energies.

Immersed in the Parisian creative milieu of fashion editors, designers, stylists, DJs, and models, KSL is a pioneering 360º Art Duo releasing original music and collaborating with the fashion & luxury industries through creative direction, photography, film, and sound.

KSL music combines electronic rhythms, powerful evolving synthesis, and emotive vocals. KSL produce, mix and master their sound running drum machines and synths through state-of-the-art outboard gear to generate a modern analogue sound uniquely their own.

Debuting their live electronic music show in Paris, KSL have played alongside DJ stars like Kavinsky, Cassius and Magda. In July 2016, they released their first full length album “Parisian Dolls” after a string of successful EPs on their label “GlamDisco”.

KSL have a unique and highly cinematic photographic style which gained them exclusive backstage access to the fashion shows in Paris and over time they started shooting fashion film. Designers with whom they have collaborated with for music or fashion film, and/or have had exclusive backstage photographic access to, have included Aganovich, Esteban Cortazar, Vetements, Mashama, Rami Al Ali, Rochas, Christian Dada, Junko Shimada & Issey Miyake.

From Fall 2012 through the end of 2016, KSL also served as the Creative Directors for the luxury skincare brand Retrouvé, conceptualizing the brand’s image, product design, packaging, and PR strategy. Additionally, KSL art directed and photographed the Retrouvé image campaign that appeared in Vogue France, Vogue Germany, and Vogue.com.

Photo Credit: AutoPortrait by the Kama Sutra Lovers. Diana is wearing Aganovich and Siddhu is in Rick Owens.
Shot with the phenomenal 100mm Zeiss Makro Planar lens.