Live Machine Mix 002 “White Voodoo”

Live Machine Mix 002 “White Voodoo”

Live Machine Mix 002 “White Voodoo” is the second instalment of Live Machine Mix podcast series.

Compared with Live Machine Mix 001, “White Voodoo” is a more conventional DJ style mix and features some of our favorite tracks overlaid with dynamic vocals. As usual, we often have multiple loops going to build a textural and evolving sound bed.

So between these two editions, we show the two different extremes as to how we approach DJ/live electronic music performance.

In true Kama Sutra Lovers style, no Autotune, pitch correction, or vocal comping was done on the vocals. They are raw live takes! For example, in the “Get Together on the Dance Floor” jam, you’ll hear Diana trying out and improvising different vocals in a live context.

Live Mix Vocal Listing:

00:00:00 – Intro – “We are the Kama Sutra Lovers”
00:04:00 – “Black Man in Space Vocal Jam”
00:23:00 – “Sticky Sweet”
01:00:45 – “Get Together on the Dance Floor”
01:10: – Outro – “Leave you with a Classic”