System AW19 Fashion Film & Show Soundtrack

Iconic Korean fashion label “System” made it’s Paris Fashion Week debut after an impressive 30 year history of producing classic workwear in their home market. We collaborated with the brand by producing an original soundtrack for the show and shooting the show fashion film.

The styling for the collection was done by the fashion director of 032c – Marc Goehring, and the production was done by Daniel Hettmann.

We composed the soundtrack using Elektron’s Analog Rtym, Analog 4, and Analog Keys, along with a Sequential OB6. All vocals are Diana’s even the male vocals which are her vocals pitched down. The full show soundtrack is approximately a full 8 minutes, so the show film just has a short edit of the what was used for the show.

We shot the show fashion film using 2 x GH5 and a Panasonic EVA1 with Zeiss lenses.

Show Credits & Links:

SYSTEM Instagram

Production: Daniel Hettmann
Instagram | website

Styling: Marc Goehring
Instagram | website