Can’t Control (GlamDisco 003)

The original is deep disco to die for. Big love! – Editor House Music with Love

GlamDisco’s third release “Can’t Control” premiere’s exclusively at on on Tuesday, September 17th followed by a rollout in all other digital stores such as Beatport and iTunes one week later on Tuesday, September 24.

Can’t Control includes fantastic remixes from Patrice Baumel, Carl Finlow, and Paris’s newest production duo – Steve Ko and Lucho Misterhands.

Some quotes on the release from around the web: “Finlow smashes it” “Big ups 4 Steve Ko and Lucho Misterhands !!!”
    Deep Rhythms: “Really love the Patrice Baumel Remix. Very leftfield vibe that will work in my sets…” “The original and the Steve Ko/Lucho remix are the best”
    House Nation Radio: “Nice release with a good original track & cool remixes.”

And we can’t forget this gem of a review from the influential music blog

Their label is sorta freaky – in a sexy, Prince kinda way – and boundary-pushing runs throughout their sound and imagery. The Original Mix of “Can’t Control” is a retro, synthy chunk of neo-disco. But, as with many releases these days, the best bits are in the remixes and first up is a slamming, deep as hell effort from Carl Finlow. Patrice Baumel’s remix is one of those tracks that really makes you go “What… the…. fuuu… THIS IS CLASS”. Seriously, it’s mind bending and so far out it makes Prince look like a pub bar stool. There is a very nice deep house mix too, from Steve Ko & Lucho Misterhands.

The release has been garnering support from including Andrei Osyka – (Droog/Culprit), Claudio Coccoluto, Silky (My Favorite Robot/Nervous/Midnight Social),Chris James (Coat of Arms, Gruuv, Alive, OFF, Klangkultur Schallplatten), Tomoki Tamura, Camilo Muan (Akbal/No.19),Erik Rug, Christophe Monier, Sasse Lindblad (Freestyle Man/Mood Music), Raxon (Culprit, Cecille, Audio Tonic Records, Sergio Santos (Culprit, No.19)