Luciano Castelli Self-Portraits

We visited the brilliant Luciano Castelli exhibit at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and managed to pick up a beautiful, first edition of the monograph of his trippy, self portrait work.

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Rocking out with our new Elektron Analog Rytm and the A4.

We were lucky enough to get one of the first Analog Rytm(s) when released 3 weeks ago. It arrived just in time to be used on some of the tracks that are on our upcoming album “Parisian Dolls” (scheduled for release in mid-September).

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Diana Ayanna Music Video Makeup Looks

We tested out some different makeup looks for Diana this week for our upcoming album’s music videos. The photos were shot with our Zeiss Makro-Planar f2/100mm lens.

Free Ableton Loop Pack: Elektrons vs Rockruepel Comp.Two

Here is the third free loop pack from our Rockruepel Comp.Two series.

For this mini-loop pack, we did the drum programming with the Octatrack and the synth lines with the Analog 4. The Elektrons were tracked through the Rockruepel which just makes everything larger than life and recorded through our Metric Halo LIO audio interface.

The loops are 24bit and are ready to go as an Ableton Live set. If you don’t use Live, you can still open up the folder and pull the .AIFs for use in your audio program of choice.

Download the Elektrons vs Rockruepel mini-pack

Can’t Control (GlamDisco 003)

The original is deep disco to die for. Big love! – Editor House Music with Love

GlamDisco’s third release “Can’t Control” premiere’s exclusively at on on Tuesday, September 17th followed by a rollout in all other digital stores such as Beatport and iTunes one week later on Tuesday, September 24.

Can’t Control includes fantastic remixes from Patrice Baumel, Carl Finlow, and Paris’s newest production duo – Steve Ko and Lucho Misterhands.

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Soundtrack for Ram Al Ali Haute Couture Show

We did a custom soundtrack for the designer Ram Al Ali presentation during the July Haute Couture shows in Paris. This was Ram Al Ali’s 6th show in Paris and it was every well received by the fashion press.
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“Bolivian Bump” EP Now Out

Our “Bolivian Bump” EP is now out on all the major platforms such as and

There are three tracks on the EP, the “Party Up” mix with some killer synth lines, Jerome Pacman’s super groovy remix, and the “Vocal Mix” which features a lovely little acapella break and the most complete vocals of the three different versions.

Listen to the promo edits:

Junko Shimada x Gotscho Fashion Soundtrack

During this seasons Prêt-à-Porter collections (Fall Winter 2013-2014) legendary designer Junko Shimada collaborated with the famous Parisian visual artist Gotscho to create a powerful, conceptual presentation entitled “T.O.T.E.M” instead of a traditional runway show. Continue Reading →

“Metal Dragon EP” is Out – GlamDisco Label Launches

Our debut release “Metal Dragon” on our new label “GlamDisco” is a featured release on The EP has two of our tracks “Metal Dragon” and “The Opium Dreams of Nikola Tesla” along with brilliant remixes by the amazing Indian duo BLOT! from Delhi.

We’ve received fantastic initial support & feedback from Colin Dale, Danny Howells, Orde Meikle, Noah Pred, James Teej, Downtown Party Network, Rebel, Claudio Coccoluto, and Tim Paris!
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Testing the Elysia Museq

We’ve been using the amazing Elysia Museq from Germany for tracking and mixing duties and it’s sound is futuristically elegant.  Continue Reading →

Can’t Control Love Machine Mix 003

Here’s the next instalment of our Live Machine Mix series. This live features about 65% original pre-release material along with a small “DJ” style section with tracks edited, layered and looped. All drums and percussion were done on the Machinedrum and the bass lines were done on the Spectralis.

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Shooting with Eric Bouvet

We were very honoured to be part of French photographer Eric Bouvet’s new project “Love and Sex”. Eric Bouvet is one of the great “old school” reportage photographers who has covered every major global hot spot over the course of his 30 year career.

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Video Arnys F/W 2012 – 2013 Fashion Show

Raw video (un-edited) of the Arnys F/W 2012 – 2013 défilé featuring our original soundtrack. After the show is over and our soundtrack ends with some beautiful and soulful melodies, the models come out for the finale to the opening bars of Marylin Manson’s “The Beautiful People”.

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Arnys Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013 Défilé Soundtrack

We did a custom soundtrack for the Arnys fashion show presenting their Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013 Men’s Collection.

The soundtrack featured taiko drums mixed in with western orchestral elements and was inspired by the documentary on the incredible German choreographer Pina Bausch. The Creative Director of the show played us a short 45 second snippet of on of the tracks in the movie, and we decided to composed a piece of music using the Pina Bausch sample as the “break” in the centre of the soundtrack.

Unfortunately we did not get to see the show as we were backstage getting our music cues on our headsets!

I shot these photos backstage during the set up and rehearsals and just after the show was over using a Canon 5D with Zeiss lenses.

Laptop and iPhone Version

If you are listening using laptop speakers or on an iPhone/iPad, use this version.

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Livetronik Festival Video

Check out the video of us playing at Livetronik 2011 in Corsica. It’s a compilation video so you see pretty much the whole lineup of artists which include Magda, Anthony Collins, D’Julz, Patrice Baumel, Shonky, Jef K, Gregory Pepperpot, Jerome Pacman, Seuil, and Tolga Fidan (live).

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Technasia Remix

Our remix for the incredible French artist Technasia is out on Beatport and What People Play.

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Sound Design Arny’s Defile 2012 Spring/Summer

We did the sound design and music supervision for the Arny’s defile presenting their 2012 Spring/Summer collection.

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Rishikesh and Dark Matter

Two more tracks done with our favourite machines – the Elektron Machinedrum and Monomachine.


Dark Matter

Kama Sutra Lovers collaboration on Technasia’s Album “Central”

Originally posted by Siddhu on 31 March, 2010 at 08:27

French artist Technasia’s new album “Central” is coming out on May 31st and it’s going to be BIG! Charles Siegling the producer and artist behind the moniker, spent over a year crafting his beautiful opus that as a true artist album, moves effortlessly through genres, soundscapes, and melodies defying the easy categorization so prevalent in electronic music today.

We were honored to be part of his project and worked with him writing and recording the vocals on “Jaya” and “Palankeen”.

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Voyeur Intime 001 by David Bray

This is first of our “Voyeur Intime” illustration and photo series and was done by the incredible London based illustrator David Bray.

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Respect is Burning Videos

Videos from our gig at the super fabulous and famous “Respect is Burning” party night in Paris.


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